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Tsunami,The killer wave

The sea was very quite,

Everything was shining white,

The soft blowing breeze,

Woke people from laze.

                                                Suddenly it grew furious,

                                                Like a terrorist notorious,

                                                A wave came near,

                                                Blaring death trumpet call,

                                                People shivered in fear,

                                                Before it every thing was small.

They ran here and there,                           

They’re wrapped in stormy sphere,

It was a killer wave!

They knew none can save.

For them it was a hag,

Which came with a death tag,

They struggled a lot,

Some died on the spot,

Some swam to the land ,

And yell for helping hand.


                                                Carcasses found everywhere,

                                                None was there to care,

                                                Bodies were found nude,

                                                The wave was so rude ,

                                                It didn’t spare a baby child,

                                                It behaved as a wild.

Some lost their beloved one,

Some lost their children,

Some lost their kith and kins,

Some became orphan.

                                                For them it was an ordeal,

                                                Striving for single meal

                                                They still groan in pain,

                                                Let’s try to stop their wail.

Hoping no more such plight,

No more destruction,

And no more peril,

Just hope the world be a happy sight.


Dekho Dhoop Hai Aati

Introduction: This poem I have written when the sunlight pierced the heart of the clouds and trees, touched the dewy grass after a long period of heavy rains when the nature was waiting for the sunlight.


Baadalon se chhipti chhupati

bhini doop hai aati

vrukshon ko cheerthi

dharaa kanon par hai chhathi

dekho doop hai aathi.

Divsoon ke baad dhoop hai aayi

sung apne prakruthik soundarya laayi

vasu dekh isko muskati

sari prakrithi jhumti gaati

dekho dhoop hai aati.

Resham sa aanchal hai iska

meghon ke madhya se khiska

gungunathi sansanathi

nayanon main sukoon hai laathi

dekho dhoop hai aathi